Encaustic is a technique of painting with hot melted beeswax that has been mixed with damar resin.  
Pure pigment colors are added to the melted wax.  The mixture is melted on a hot plate set at a
low heat in metal containers until it is easy to spread.  Wooden substrates are
often used as a firm support and each layer of wax is fused with a torch or heat gun.
Wax can be applied by brush and other tools, using many techniques.  
The process dates back to Ancient Greece where it was often used for portraits.


Hot Wax Painting

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Clear Day . 4"x4"
LHomecoming . 14"x14"
MM Mystic Garden. 14"x14"
Landing . 8"x8"L
BlueBluBBlue Sky . 6"x6"
PPond Life . 10"x10"
LKEthereal . 4"x4"L
Spring Storm . 6:x6"
The Reef . 6"x6"L
LTurquoise Accretion . 4"x4"L
LFossil . 10"x10"L
LAutumn . 10"x10"
ThL Clear Day . 6"x6"L
Fluer. 4"x4"L