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CLAY MONOTYPE or CLAYPRINTING is a technique of printmaking with
liquid kaolin clay as the paint or ink.  Powdered kaolin clay is mixed with
water to make a creamy clay slip.  Next, the slip is mixed with pure
pigment color and applied to a leather hard slab of stoneware clay (the
plate).  This is done in various painterly, direct, indirect and stencil

historical reference develops with layers of intense hues and underlying
textures.   By repeatedly misting the image with water and rolling on the
back of  the non-woven, Reemay fabric with a wooden roller, the transfer
is completed.   The fabric image is sealed and the clayprint may then be
framed or mounted on a wooden cradle.  Each piece is one of a kind and
Painting with kaolin clay slip
over a previous monotype
A completed image, tapped and
ready to print onto fabric
Printing image onto Remay,
wooden pizza roller.

Repeatedly, lift fabric and mist
lightly.  Repeat misting and rolling
until image has complete transfer.

1.  dry inorganic pigment

3.  dry mixture for dusting over stencil

4.  organic pure pigment.
Dusting dry pigment mixture
over stencil.
Clay Monotype tools:  brushes,
Inorganic & organic pigments,
wooden rollers, ear syringe, tape,
spray water bottle, stencil, apron,
plastic gloves, dust mask, etc.
Lifting part of fabric to check if image
has transferred well.  Repeat misting
and rolling, if needed.
Leather hard, stoneware plate:
Plate is coated with six layers
of liquid kaolin clay slip, to
prepare for applying color.
Pushing soft stoneware
clay into the frame about
3/8 inch thick.
Scrapping the plate smooth
then letting it become
leather hard.
kaolin-clay slip:  

1.  Inorganic (from rocks/soil)

2.  Organic (from plants/animals)

3.  Blender for mixing kaolin slip.
After misting pigments, they are
covered with newsprint and
rolled onto the clay slab
with a wooden pizza roller.
A printed image:
"Red Bird, Blue Sky"     
"Whale at Sunset"