Stoneware & Pit Fired Pottery:
My relationship with Ceramics began in college while attaining my BA in Art and Teaching Credentials.   
I have explored many types of firings; Stoneware, Raku, Low Fire, Saggar and Pit Firing.  
I currently teach Ceramics for the Alameda Adult School at Mastic Senior Center.
Pit-firing is an earthly, firing process.  Pots are thrown on the wheel and hand-burnished with a rock after
drying to a leather hard texture.  Glazes are not used.  After a low temperature, bisque-firing in the electric kiln,
pots were then pit-fired in the sand at Point Reyes National Seashore.  A close relationship developed with
the fire and letting go of the results.  The blazing fire and smoke in the pit creates natural and
spontaneous designs of color on the glossy surfaces of the pots.

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